ACTUARIS : Who are we ?
At ACTUARIS, we provide our insurance and banking clients global expertise throughout the whole value chain of their businesses, thanks to our unique combination of consulting and software design. With our team of 200 actuaries and consultants, we offer one of the widest range of services available on the market and we stand among the best designers of actuarial software in Europe.
Our expert services and software packages specialised in the insurance and finance sectors are a result of our in-depth market insight and of our international development strategy. We have been expanding through our brand ADDACTIS® Worldwide, with numerous subsidiaries and partnerships, clients in over 45 countries and around 2,000 users of our software.
At ACTUARIS, we believe both in exclusive service and in extremely high IT standards which are constantly updated. Our brand-name is well-known to the best performing insurance and financial institutions as we face today’s economic reality such as value optimisation, risk management, solvency, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions.
So as to help our clients reach their objectives in an increasingly complex and competitive world, we have consultants who are experts in sectors such as property and casualty insurance, health insurance, life insurance or cross-sector projects cover. We systematically share our expertise with our clients, working in close partnership, and having an acute awareness of their needs.

For companies and business sector federations, Our new responsible approach, Entreprise territoire de santé(Healthcare in business), contributes to the improvement of Company performance and employee well-being. A pioneering Concept based on advice and support, combining innovative services with health
insurance benefits and enabling Companies to better respond to their key challenges:

  • Controlling the cost of the plan without sacrificing quality
  • Reducing absenteeism in the workplace
  • CReating levers of performance from regulatory requirements
  • Finding solutions for employees in difficulty

For individuals, Helping each person take better care of their own health and well-being and enabling them, and those around them, to live and age well by:

  • Ensuring a fair price and minimising co-payments
  • Providing « individual » insurance
  • Delivering information, guidance and better management of medical expens
  • Planning for retirement

To meet the new challenges in society and help our clients become fully involved in their healthcare, Malakoff Médéric delivers real innovation with a comprehensive and responsible approach to benefits.



Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA) is a global leader in the life reinsurance industry, with approximately $3 trillion of life reinsurance in force. From its world headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. and operations in 28 countries, RGA provides clients with expert solutions in individual life reinsurance, group reinsurance, health reinsurance, facultative underwriting, product development and financially motivated reinsurance.
After more than four decades of growth, RGA has become one of the world’s most highly respected reinsurers, recognized for its expertise in risk assessment and capital management, its ability to develop innovative solutions, and its unwavering commitment to its clients.



With offices in more than 50 countries, Aon Benfield is the division within Aon dedicated to reinsurance activities.
Aon Benfield is the n°1 global broker in treaty reinsurance and facultative covers, as well as in operations regarding capital markets.
It represents 3,000 professionals and more than USD 29 billion of premiums transferred to the reinsurance market for the year 2015.
Aon Benfield provides its customers all the benefits that the world’s leading reinsurance broker can bring:

  • Innovation: Adaptation to changes in the regulatory environment, anticipation of future evolutions, Survey on emerging risks
  • Technical expertise: Consulting activities for innovation regarding quantification of risks. Assessment and advisory on reinsurance strategies
  • Market Expertise: Global view of the market to get optimal strategies regarding the structures and their placement. The bargaining strength is the consequence of its share in the reinsurers business
  • United Team for a range of services: Availability of all services of Aon Group
  • Long-term partnership based on the quality of Aon services and the expertise of its teams.

In addition to its trade intermediation excellence, Aon Benfield is an innovative partner for its clients due to its consulting missions that include more and more expertise.
Aon Benfield advises insurers and mutual organizations to optimize the management of their own funds. It focuses on the main priorities of its clients, including protection of their balance sheet and their income statement. It contributes to its clients’ risk management through assessment of the risk management framework, modeling the catastrophe exposures.
Aon Benfield accompanies its clients through the transition caused by new regulatory environments, especially the Solvency II deadline.
Aon Benfield offers a multidisciplinary team (actuaries, financial experts, lawyers) to assist clients in their operations for life reinsurance. The “Life Accident and Health” ‘s team is conducted by Arnaud Chevalier under the responsibility of Catherine Bourland DG Aon Benfield France.
Since 1997, the Life Accident and Health department of Aon Benfield is a pioneer and leader in the market of Life Reinsurance.
This department is active in all lines of business regarding Life and Health Insurance:

  • Saving products, including GMDB, Mass Lapse events, financial guarantees, funding operations
  • Individual and collective Insurance: Protection & Health
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Individual Accident, GAV or other similar products
  • Catastrophic mortality Cover (epidemic, disasters), trends in mortality and longevity Reinsurance optimization under Solvency II.

APRIL_QUADRI TEXTE TAUPEFounded in 1988 by Bruno Rousset, today Chairman and CEO, APRIL is an international insurance services group operating in 33 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
As the group has built a bold and unique model covering the entire value chain, they have positioned themselves as an atypical actor. Today, APRIL is the leading wholesale broker in France and a reference on the international market. APRIL designs, manages, and distributes specialised insurance and assistance solutions for individuals, professionals, and businesses by providing health and personal protection, property and casualty, mobility, and legal protection, as well as protection and legal services.
Today, the group is the only wholesale broker that owns its own risk-bearing structure (with 4 insurance companies and 1 re-insurance company) and one of the few with its own distribution network (APRIL Mon Assurance agencies). The APRIL group has also chosen to make its know-how available to other actors on the insurance market by developing a Key Accounts offer.
A specialist approach to each segment, a strong customer-oriented outlook, recognised quality of service, and an ability to innovate are all components of APRIL’s DNA. Driven by a strong entrepreneurial culture, the group has always had a single ambition: shake up the market and change the image of insurance by making it simpler.
In 2015, the APRIL group has:

  • A presence in 33 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Turnover of €798 M
  • Over 3,800 employees
  • 20,000 distributors worldwide
  • 184 agencies in France


Externativ is a data science and data management consulting team.
We help our clients leveraging their data into business success, by increasing client satisfaction, turnover and profit.
To help our clients achieve those business successes, we bring them our expertise in many fields such as:

  • Sales Force Effectiveness and Efficiency Analytics : Sales force sizing, Call plan, leads generation and conversion, upselling, cross-selling, life-time value management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software implementation
  • Marketing mix management and analytics
  • Revenue management : Dynamic pricing & Yield management
  • Client satisfaction & loyalty Analytics
  • Churn prediction
  • Fraud detection
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting & Dashboards

Technological environments:

  • Project management: SCRUM, eXtreme Programming, LEAN, 6-Sigma
  • Requirements analysis, Models and Conception : Merise (MCD, MLD), UML, MS Software Requirements (K. Wiegers), Data Warehouse Toolkit (R. Kimball)
  • Data mining, Machine learning, Statistics: SAS, Python, R, Weka, Question Data, SPAD
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) : Salesforce, Veeva, CiviCRM
  • BI Technologies (Data warehouse, Datamarts, Cubes, Reporting, Dashboard): MS SQL Server, Pentaho, PowerPivot, Qlikview, SAS, SAP-BO, Spago-BI, SAP
  • Database management systems: MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAS
  • programming Languages  : Ajax, ASP, C, C++, C#, CGI, Delphi (Pascal Objet), Java, JavaScript, VB Script, Jquery, J#, Json, JSP, Perl, PHP, SAS, Python, Visual-Basic, VBA, VB.NET
  • Web pages editing languages: Ajax, Java, JavaScript, VB Script, Jquery, Json, JSP, CSS, ASP, PHP, Python, Perl, CGI, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, XML
  • Server side programming languages on the web: ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, Java (JEE, JSE and JVM, J2EE), JSP, Perl, PHP, Python
  • Framework: Symfony, Zend Framework, Django (Python)

Some of our clients:

Data Science, Data Quality, Business Intelligence, CRM, Sales Force Effectiveness :
Marketing/Sales surveys and Analytics :
Clients & Satisfaction & Loyalty improvement Analytics :

For further information, please contact: Gilles Gaba, managing director, gilles.gaba@externativ.com / +33 6 64 39 33 81


Nexialog offers high value added expertise in actuarial services, risk management and market finance to meet our client needs. Our consultants use their skills by helping actuarial, risk and finance division to perform their operational activities.
Innovation is a key component of our strategy that we combine to our project management culture in order to assist our clients in achieving their strategic and regulatory projects.
Our actuarial consulting practise is focussed on 4 main business areas:

    • Actuarial analysis in product development
      Assist our clients in their innovation strategies and secure their market position. Manage the risks on current and future offers in accordance with the client strategy. Regulatory changes / Pricing / Underwriting / Creation of global offer / Portfolio management / Monitoring of risks and performance
    • Actuarial production and Data Science
      Keeping in mind that regulatory changes must be considered as an opportunity to improve the risk management activities, we help insurance companies to address their operational and strategic actuarial issues: margin and profitability analysis, solvency assessment, mapping and management of risks, process optimization, etc. Inventory and profitability analysis / Solvency 2 / Data quality / Big Data & Data Analytics / Multi-standard reporting
    • Financial and prospective modelling
      Based on our regulatory expertise and our deep understanding of the client economic stakes, offer support to implement increasingly complex financial models that comply with the operational processes in the organization. Assist in balance sheet projection, economic capital calculation, risk management optimization and growth opportunities identification. Embedded Value / Economic capital / ALM Modelling / Solvency 2 Pillars 1 & 2 / Economic scenario generator (ESG) / Assets / Business Intelligence & Big Data
    • Asset Management & ALM within insurance companies
      While implementing an ORSA methodology or an ALM strategy, identify and describe the various optimization factors on asset portfolios as well as client portfolios. Work on transversal projects such as data quality projects. Reporting / Specific asset or fund analysis / Performance measurement and attribution / Strategic assets allocation / As-is and forecasted financial production review

With the assistance of our risk management, financial and operational strategy practises, we are able to address complex client issues and needs. We combine our knowledge in integrated offers to provide the best possible team to respond to growing demands.

Created in 2001, sinalys is an independent company owned by it’s managers. it is a consulting company and a designer of actuarial webbased ittools, targeted at insurance sector.
our expertise covers needs of insurance and social welfare industry for actuarial calculations, inventories and solvency ii. our ambition is to help you to gaining time and enhancing the relevance of your reporting.
sinalys acts across the 3 key steps in the data chain to provide simplicity, fluidity, compliance and value-added.

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