UE Europe: « Integrative cell biology and immunology: from homeostasis to diseases »

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The course is part of the Master BioSciences (ENS-Lyon, University Lyon-1, France). It is open to external master and PhD students upon request (6 ECTS). 2-3 conferences by leading specialists in their discipline are held every day followed by afternoon sessions dedicated to informal round tables with students, speakers and teaching staff. The course is held at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

Course organizors: Yann Leverrier  and Jacqueline Marvel

Course objectives

The course provides a broad understanding of ways in which multicellular systems maintain their homeostasis and a deep insight into the immune system function in health and disease.  Sessions content will ensure an opening on basic, clinical and industrial research by bringing together academic research scientists, clinicians and private research scientists.

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Program 01-12/06/2015

Course held at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Amphithéâtre de Biologie, 46 allée d’Italie, 69007 Lyon.

Monday 01.06.2015

 9h30-16h Welcome, general introduction and students talks preparation

Tuesday 02.06.2015. IMMUNE SYSTEM 

10h-11h30 Ana CUMANO, Institut Pasteur, Paris. « Hematopoiesis and early lymphoid development »

13h-14h30 MelodySWARTZ, EPFL, Lausanne. « Immunoregulatory roles of lymphatic vessels »

14h30-16h Round table discussion

Wednesday 03.06.2015. LYMPHOCYTES

10h-11h30 Hai-Tao HE, CIML, Marseille. « The nanoscale organization of the plasma membrane and TCR signaling initiation« 

13h-14h30 Thierry DEFRANCE, CIRI, Lyon « B cell memory »

14h30-16h Round table discussion

Thursday 04.06.2015. INNATE IMMUNITY

10h-11h30 Cyril ZIPFEL, Norwich, UK.« Molecular basis of plant innate immunity »

13h-14h30 Mélanie WENCKER, CIRI, Lyon.« Innate-like lymhocytes »

14h30-16h Round table discussion

Friday 05.06.2015. LYMPHOID TISSUES

10h-11h30 Marc BAJENOFF, CIML, Marseille. « Immunobiology of lymphoid stromal cells »

13h-14h30 Bénédicte PY, CIRI, Lyon. « Role of follicular dendritic cells in the regulation of innate immunity »

14h30-16h Round table discussion

Monday 08.06.2015. INTEGRINS

10h-11h30 Bernhard WEHRLE-HALLER, Genève. « Integrin-dependent adhesion, migration and signalling »

13h-14h30Helena PAIDASSI, CIRI, Lyon « Integrins and immune homeostasis »

14h30-16h Round table discussion

Tuesday 09.06.2015. HOST & MICROBES

10h-11h30 Benjamin MARSLAND, CHUV, Lausanne.« The human super organism: how our microbiome shapes inflammation in the lung »

13h-14h30 Gérard EBERL, Institut Pasteur, Paris. « Symbiosis and immunity »

14h30-16h Round table discussion

Wednesday 10.06.2015. CANCER & IMMUNE THERAPIES

10h-11h30 Lionel APETOH, Faculté de médecine, Dijon. « Therapeutic strategies to restore anticancer immune responses »

13h-14h30 Pierre HAINAUT, Université Grenoble. « TP53 mutations: from genetics to public health »

14h30-16h Round table discussion


10h-11h30 Arnaud MARCHANT, Institut d’Immunologie Médicale, Bruxelles. « Immune responses in early life »

13h-14h30 Laurence QUEMENEUR, Sanofi Pasteur, Lyon. « Vaccine design for the prevention of infectious diseases« 

14h30-16h Round table discussion